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A turn based alien fighting game inspired by xcom and made for the GBJam 5 and the GDL Area 51 game jam

How to play:

Move the cursor with the arrow keys. NOTE, the cursor will be behind the UI when the game starts so press up a few times to make it visible.

To select a soldier, move the cursor on to the tile the soldier is standing on and press the A key. To move a soldier, press on a tile that was highlighted when the soldier was selected. To shoot an alien, move the cursor over an alien and press A. The alien will be shot if the alien is highlighted.

To unselect a soldier, press the S key. If a soldier is not selected and you press the S key, the cursor will move to the UI. In the UI you can select the end button by pressing A to end your turn. To exit the UI, press the S button again. The cursor will be placed in the middle of the screen and you can control it again with the arrow keys.

If you are next to a box (cover) then damage is reduced.


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GJGDL Jam.jar 42 MB